20 Stunning Short Hairstyles For Women

Are you ready to shake things up and make a bold statement? Short hairstyles can be endlessly versatile, allowing women everywhere to easily switch up their looks with just a few snips of the scissors. From choppy pixies to sleek bobs, there’s something out there for everyone! Whether your style is playful or more subdued, we’ve compiled 20 stunning short hairstyles that will have you feeling confident and stylish day in and day out. Get ready to fall in love with these ultra-glamorous looks – read on for our favorite styles for 2020!

20 Stunning Short Hairstyles For Women

Here are the best twenty short haircuts for women:

Short Bob Haircut

The Bob haircut, a classic and iconic cut that’s been around since the 1920s, is still just as cool today as it was all those years ago. With its elegant lines and structured shape, the Bob is flattering for virtually every face shape and looks great for all occasions.

One of the best things about getting a Bob is how much you can customize it – whether you want to keep it short or let it grow out longer, add layers throughout for texture, or keep it sleeker in the front and disheveled in the back – this ever-versatile cut is sure to make heads turn. And thanks to its timeless style, you can rock this look season after season without ever worrying about going out of fashion. So go ahead and treat yourself to a modern Bob today!

Pixie Haircut

The Pixie haircut is an on-trend short hairstyle for both thick and thin hair. It’s incredibly versatile, allowing you to brush it back for a clean and neat look during the day, and loosely tousle or push up with your fingers for a night out! As short hairstyles continue to trend, the Pixie cut has become a crowd favorite. Whether you have short or longer hair, make sure to ask your stylist about the Pixie cut if you’re looking for a dramatic change!


A shag haircut is a great way to change up your look while keeping the length of your hair intact. The layers of this cut add beautiful dimension, framing the face and adding movement and texture to even the thinnest locks! For ladies with thick hair, the shag can add volume and richness to a simple hairstyle by framing features like cheekbones or eyes.

A shag cut on fine hair actually helps create that full-bodied illusion by giving a fuller shape throughout the length of your mane. There are countless glam styles of the shag that can be achieved – from natural and traditional looks to groovy bobs and long layers – all designed to add definition and texture without sacrificing length.


Going for the undercut hairstyle is a bold move that can take long hair from drab to fab in an instant. Hiring a skilled barber or stylist to shape your hair into an undercut requires trust, as short haircuts are not always easy to repair.

But choosing the right hairstylist and finding the cut that fits your personal style is rewarding. With its versatility, the undercut looks good long and short, long on top and buzzed on the sides, or long around the face with a mini-fade in the back blending long into short. It’s all up to you!

Buzz Cut

The buzz haircut is perfect for fine or thin hair. This distinctive style is achieved with electric clippers, cutting the entire hair down to the same length of one-eighth of an inch or less. Not only does it create a unique and professional look, but this style is also low-maintenance and easy to maintain.

Whether it’s for a new look or just because you want your hair care routine to be simpler, a buzz cut might be your perfect solution! With a few careful clipper passes, you can have an attractive new hairstyle in no time – not to mention all the compliments that will come your way!

Blunt Cut

Short haircuts are all the rage, and a blunt cut is a great option for those with fine and thin hair. With short, sharp lines and blunt bangs, this style brings sophistication and elegance to any look. This classic, shortcut can be customized to fit the individual’s personality and features, which makes it an affordable way to show off who you are. Blunt cuts create a timeless style but also stand out in any crowd, so try it out if you want a new look that is sure to turn heads!

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is becoming increasingly popular among men and women looking for short, stylish haircuts. Those with straight hair can achieve the look without any special tools or techniques; simply by sectioning a short length of hair in the middle and slicking it back. As a result, you can have an edgy, flirtatious style that stands out from the crowd! Plus, it’s easy to care for and maintain once you get used to styling your short look. With its confident attitude, anyone who loves short hair will feel empowered by trying out a faux hawk.


Women everywhere are opting to take their hairstyles to the next level with the oh-so-popular Mohawk. Whether you opt for wispy bangs or a full strip, this statement hairstyle adds a touch of flair to your look.

It stands out without screaming for attention and is an easy way to upgrade any hair look. With the Mohawk hairstyle, you can express your creative side and make a bold fashion statement. There’s nothing better than feeling confident and looking amazing all at once!

Shaved Side

This season, the shaved side hairstyle has been a go-to look for adventurous women. It’s a unique and stylish way to show off wavy locks, no matter the occasion. Whether you plan on rocking this edgy look as part of your everyday style or as a fun way to liven up a night out, the shaved side hairstyle will add just the right amount of drama.

Not only does it make wavy hair easier to manage and allow for more intricate styling options, but it also shows that you can confidently be yourself and embrace risk. Try taking the plunge and shaving one side for a striking new look.


A layered hairstyle for women is a great way to add a unique twist to any look. It is incredibly versatile, allowing you to experiment with different lengths and textures. Whether you’re looking for something sleek or a more tousled style, layered hairstyles have something for everyone.

From bobs and bangs to long cascading layers, it’s easy to find the perfect cut that will show off your individual style while making you look fabulous. The timelessness of the layered look makes it cost-effective as well since you won’t have to constantly change up your hairstyle.

Curly Bob

The classic bob has never gone out of style, but the curly bob adds just the right amount of modern flare. Its classic structure gives it an instant allure that highlights a variety of facial features, while the subtle curls add texture and movement.

It’s a hairstyle that is as fun to wear as it is simple and stylish, making it a great choice for any occasion. If you’re looking for something classic but with a modern twist, the curly bob could be just what you need!

Wavy Bob

The short bob, or “wavy bob,” is one of the most iconic short hairstyles. It can flatter any face shape and works especially well with wavy hair texture. To great effect, this hairstyle gives volume to an otherwise short look, situating hair around cheekbones to create a flatter frame for the face.

For a more short-short version, the pixie bob has been gaining in popularity; short at the back with short bangs framing the forehead and eyes. Whichever short bob style you choose – wavy or pixie – you can be sure of making heads turn!

French Bob

The a-line bob is a timeless French hairstyle that has been a part of fashion history. This look began in the 1920s but has recently seen a resurgence among modern, fashionable women. It features a line cut at the angle of the chin and can look classic, chic, or even avant-garde, depending on how it’s styled.

The beauty of this hairstyle is its versatility; you can dress up a simple a-line bob with beautiful accessories such as headbands or tiaras for a more glamorous look, and use an air dryer to give soft curls for a casual style.

Bowl Cut

The bowl cut is a snappy and quirky hairstyle that exudes fun and confidence. Recently made popular by celebs like Selena Gomez, it’s an easy and stylish way to take your look up a notch. The flattering and low-maintenance layered style mimics the silhouette of a bowl and suits nearly all face shapes.

With just a few minutes to achieve this look, you can experience something new within seconds and transform any drab outfit into something street-chic. Feeling bold? Why not add colorful highlights or even incorporate accessories for a unique twist? Go ahead—put your unique spin on the bowl cut today!

Buzzed Pixie

The buzzed pixie hairstyle for women is a bold yet effortless look that will make anyone feel like a modern-day trendsetter. This short, shaved style can be tailored to fit any look or style, from simple and conservative to bold and daring. Its shortcut will also leave you feeling cool in the summer months and on-trend all year long!

Adding subtle highlights and creative braids can help you add your own flair and creativity to the look. Whether you opt for a tiny trim of your natural hair color or go all out with shades of blue and pink – it’s time to bring out your inner rebel and seize the opportunity to rock this new trendy look!

Finger Wave Bob

The Finger Wave Bob hairstyle for women is a timeless classic. Sleek and stylish, it works just as well on the red carpet as it does with your everyday wardrobe. This versatile look complements all face shapes effortlessly, with a side-swept fringe that plays up your eyes and draws attention for all the right reasons – you’ll be sure to turn heads! The best part? With its minimal styling requirements, this style looks great each and every day – a quick brush and some light styling products are all you need to keep it looking perfectly polished.

Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical bob hairstyle is the trendiest look for female fashion enthusiasts who are wanting to make a statement with their unique and edgy style. It offers an alternative for those who may feel constrained by traditional haircuts and provides a creative opportunity for them to express their individual personalities through their manes.

The haircut is asymmetrical, as the name suggests, but can be achieved in either a blunt cut or tapered style. Whether you choose to wear it sleek and straight or wavy and full-bodied, this classic hairstyle will definitely turn heads wherever you go. If you’re ready to make a bold statement, consider getting an asymmetrical bob for your next haircut!

Slicked Back

The slicked-back hairstyle for women is the perfect choice for elegantly effortless hair care. With this look, you can grab attention anywhere, from a business meeting to your next night out. Whether your hair is long, medium, or short length, it can be worn in this style to create a sleek and sophisticated look instantly. To achieve the desired look, start by using a shine-enhancing product to add polish and tame frizz. Then, take sections of your hair up against the scalp and use bobby pins to hold them in place. With the right products and styling tools, this timelessly classic hairstyle can help you look polished while still blocking out the chaos of everyday life.


Women’s spiky hairstyles are empowering, and edgy and show they’re not afraid to be bold. Short layers with sharp spikes give a look of confidence and freedom while adding structure and texture to their style. With this hairstyle, you can make yourself stand out in a crowd!

Among many color possibilities and lengths, there is something for everyone; those who like a conservative but still sassy look or those wanting more extreme spikes. The modern twist adds life to traditional looks, which makes it an ideal choice for anybody who wants to shake up their style. Have fun expressing yourself with the popular spiked hair trend – rock it your way!

Wispy Layers

The wispy layers hairstyle is a perfect choice for women who want to add volume, body, and style to their hair. This fun style adds movement and texture to any look, allowing you to highlight your features effortlessly. The technique involves alternating between long and short layers that frame the face without weighing it down. To achieve this timeless look, talk to your stylist about the lengths they recommend depending on the length of your hair. Once you go for this hairstyle, you can be sure of getting lots of compliments!

Tips To Maintain Short Haircut

For those longing to maintain their short haircut, the task may seem daunting. But, it doesn’t have to be – all you need is the right tools, a good eye, and some time. Start off by investing in quality shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for short hair. Products that are tailored to your specific cut will help keep your hair healthy and shiny. Next, always make sure to use a heat protectant prior to using any form of heat tool such as a straightener or curler – this will reduce breakage caused by styling. Finally, don’t forget regular trims; this will help keep your cut looking sharp and prevent split ends from forming. With just a few simple steps, you can enjoy the benefits of beautiful short hair for much longer!


So there you have it – 20 of the most stunning short hairstyles for women! We hope you’ve found some inspiration in these pictures and are ready to take the plunge and try a new look. Remember, it’s always best to consult with a professional stylist before making any big changes, but we think you’ll be surprised at how good you feel with a fresh haircut. Thanks for reading and we can’t wait to see what amazing new styles you come up with!

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