10 Nail Ideas For Your Next Manicure

Are you getting bored with your same old go-to nail look? Constantly stuck on what colors or designs to choose for your next manicure? Don’t worry – we have you covered! We’ll give you 10 totally fun and eye-catching ideas for your next mani that will be sure to turn jealous heads.

Whether it’s ombre nails, geometric designs, galaxy art, glitter tips, or even something crazy like a bubble marble design – there’s an idea here that every fashionista can appreciate! So put away the boring blues and greys; this is how you take any look up a notch while making everyone around you green with envy.

Following are the top nail designs for your next manicure:

Rainbow nails

French manicure with bright colored stripes on the background. Rainbow manicure.

Adding a rainbow to your next regular manicure is a great way to show off your love for color and fashion. There are several ways that your nail artist can incorporate the iconic rainbow look into your nails:

1. Rainbow French Manicure

Instead of a traditional white tip, opt for a multi-colored one by painting each nail with a different shade of polish for a vibrant look.

2. Rainbow Ombré

Create an ombré design with your favorite hues, from bright blues to deep purples or reds and oranges. A thinned-out brush will help you achieve the perfect gradient effect.

3. Rainbow Foil Strips

For a more subtle look, apply thin strips of colorful foil across the nails for an edgy style. You can pick up adhesive foils at any beauty supply store.

No matter which design you choose, a rainbow manicure is sure to draw attention with its bright and cheerful look. it is sure to enhance the look of your everyday wear.

Deep V French manicure


If you’re looking for a classic French manicure with an extra special twist, try the Deep V French Manicure. French Mani appointment is a great way to add some freshness and style without overdoing the look. You can opt for a deep V shape or half-moon French tips that will make your nails stand out from the crowd. This look combines the sophistication of the traditional mani with a bolder statement, thanks to its deep V design.

The best part about this design is that it looks great on any skin tone and lasts longer than traditional French manicures. If you don’t want to go for the full French manicure, you can always add a bit of color with a touch of glitter or rhinestones. The possibilities are endless!

This manicure looks great in both short nails and longer nails and can be dressed up or down depending on what you’re wearing. Whether you’re going for a more subtle look or something eye-catching, this bold design will turn heads and have your nails look chic! So get creative and have fun with your next deep V French manicure!

Accent nails

Accent nail art offers a unique way to express your style. Whether you opt for two accent nails, or all five, adding some sparkle and pizzazz to your look is always fun. They can be done with a variety of techniques, from simple nail art designs like polka dots and stripes to intricate designs such as watercolor marbling.

You can also use nail paint, glitter, stickers, and even rhinestones to add some extra sparkle. With so many ways to create an accent nail look, the possibilities are endless! So why not try something new and experiment with different styles this season? After all, having a great manicure is always in style.

No matter your nail style preferences, you can always find a way to make your accent nails stand out. Whether you opt for bold and daring colors or keep it subtle with neutral hues, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Abstract art

If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself through your next manicure, ask your nail artists for abstract art. This style of art is all about being creative and letting the different shades of colors and shapes speak for themselves. There are so many possibilities when it comes to creating abstract designs on your nails that you’ll be sure to find something that speaks to you. Here are some abstract ideas for your next manicure:

1. Geometric Shapes

Using geometric shapes is an easy way to create an abstract design that looks modern and stylish. start with a clear base coat using black nail polish, and trace different shapes like triangles, circles, and squares in various sizes onto each of your nails. Then fill in the shapes with bold, bright colors for a fun and eye-catching look. it can go with long nails as well as shorter nails.

2. Splatter Effect –

Use a toothbrush and different nail polish colors to create a splatter effect on your nails. you can also use different shades of the same color. Dip the bristles of the toothbrush in each color and then gently flick it over your nails for an abstract manicure that looks like modern art!

No matter which style you choose, creating an abstract design on your nails is sure to be a conversation starter! With a little creativity and just the right amount of bold colors, you can create an abstract manicure that will be sure to turn heads. So go ahead and give this elegant look a try.

Bobby pin nail art

Bobby pins are one of the most versatile tools in any woman’s beauty arsenal, and they can also be used to create some fun and funky nail art. Whether you simply want to add a bit of sparkle to your manicure or you’re looking for something more intricate, bobby pin nails are an easy way to upgrade your nail look. Here are some of our favorite bobby pin nail ideas to try:

Glitter Ombré :

Create a stunning ombré effect with a little bit of glitter and some strategically-placed bobby pins. Start with a base coat, then use different shades of glitter and strategic placement of bobby pins to create the ombré effect.

Polka Dot Manicure :

Create a fun polka dot print with some small bobby pins and your favorite color of nail polish. Start by painting the nail with a base coat, then use the bobby pins to create random dots all over the nail for a playful look.

Sparkle Nail Art :

For a more glamorous look, add some sparkle to your manicure with gold or silver bobby pins. Start by painting the nails with a base coat and then use different-sized bobby pins to create intricate patterns or designs on the nail.

Geometric Nail Design:

Bobby pins are a great tool for creating bold geometric designs. Start with a base coat and then use bobby pins to create different shapes or lines on the nail.

No matter what type of look you’re going for, bobby pin nails are sure to make your manicure stand out! With just a few tools and some creativity, you can easily upgrade your nail look with this fun and easy bobby pin nail ideas.

Glitter tips

If you’re looking to jazz up your nails with a bit of sparkle, then glitter tips are the way to go! This technique involves adding small pieces of glitter to the tips or edges of your nails for a fun and eye-catching look. Glitter tips can be done in any color combination that you like and there are endless possibilities for a unique manicure.

To start, apply your base coat and then your chosen nail polish color to the majority of your nail. Once dry, use a thin paintbrush to carefully place pieces of glitter on the tips or edges of each nail. You can also combine different colors for a truly custom look. Once you’ve finished decorating, seal the glitter with a topcoat and you’re ready to show off your dazzling new mani! With glitter tips, you can truly express your creativity and have some fun with your nails.

Negative space nail art

Negative space nail art is growing in popularity and is a fun way to elevate your basic mani. This style of nail art involves leaving the natural nail visible through cut-outs within the design. For example, you can add an intricate pattern with strips or geometric shapes, or use solid colors for blocks of contrast that create striking visuals. And the best part is, you can get as creative as you like and make it unique to you.

Whether you’re a fan of classic French tips or bright neons, there’s a negative space nail art idea that fits your style. Try out the trendy manicure trend next time you want to spruce up your nails!

Pastel shades

Pastel shades are an ideal choice for spring and summer manicures. They evoke a sense of softness, innocence, and femininity that is perfect for those transitional seasons. Whether you choose to create something sweet and subtle or something bolder with glitter accents, pastel shades can make any look gorgeous!

Try light pink, lavender, mint green, baby blue, peach, or nude shades for a beautiful and elegant manicure. You can even combine multiple pastel colors for an eye-catching nail art design. For a more dramatic look, add metallic accents like gold foil or iridescent glitter to create a unique and vibrant style. Experiment with different techniques and color combinations until you find the perfect pastel manicure for you!

Milky white nails

Milky white tips are so perfect for summer! It’s a great way to add some sparkle and shine to your look. The best part about this nail design is that it can be done with any color polish, making it easy to create a custom design. Start by applying two coats of white polish, then use a small dotting tool or even just the end of a pencil to create small dots all over the nail.

You can use any color polish you like, or even mix different colors for something unique. Once your dots are done, finish off with a clear topcoat, and voila! Your milky white manicure is finished. Be sure to take extra care of your nails by applying cuticle oil regularly to keep them healthy and strong. Enjoy your summery look!

Gold foil nails

Gold foil nails are a great way to add some sparkle and shine to your look. They can be done in a variety of ways, from the classic design with gold foil applied directly onto the nail bed to more modern designs featuring intricate patterns or even delicate artwork.

You can also use gold foils combined with other colors for a truly dazzling effect. Whether you opt for a classic look, or something more modern and eye-catching there are multiple gold foil ideas to get inspired.

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